• Member shall abide by the constitution of the Association.
  •  Association reserves the right to Admit the Member.
  • Association reserve the right to terminate any member from the membership of the association in the event of non-observance or contravention of any of the provisions of the constitution of the Association by the said member.
  •  Any such member of the association who is convicted in any criminal case, shall voluntarily resign from membership of association immediately failing which the association shall be entitled to expel such member
  •  Members are liable to pay annual Maintenance fee. Any member, who defaults for two consecutive years, shall not be allowed to participate in any of the events of the Association except the Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of the Association.
  •  Only the registered member (whose name is in membership Form) shall have right to vote and participate in AGM and other events of the Association.
  •  Association Shall not be treated as a consumer under the consumer protection Act.
  •  All rights reserved with Imitation Jewellery Manufacturers Association.


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